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15 Oct 2013 - Donate to Chordoma UK

Following the sad news that VSC Member and Forum User Hoolahoop is currently undergoing treatment for Chordoma, the VSC is accepting donations from our members and forum users in aid of Chordoma UK, a charity chosen by Hoola himself.

What is Chordoma?

Chordoma is a rare primary bone cancer, meaning that it arises in bone (rather than spreads to bone).
The bones involved are those at the base of the skull, the vertebral bodies (back bones), and the bone of the sacrum and coccyx at the base of the spine. Chordoma is thought to arise from a persistent embryonic tissue (notochordal cells), which normally disappears before birth, but can persist in some people. However, the majority of individuals with notochordal remnants do not develop chordoma. Chordoma is part of a family of cancers called sarcoma, which include cancers of the bones, cartilage, muscles and other connective tissue. Chordomas are generally slow growing, and tend to recur after treatment. 

Why are Chordoma UK raising money for Research?

Treatment options for chordoma are limited. The average survival of patients diagnosed with chordoma is less than 10 years from first diagnosis although for some the course of the disease is longer. Initial diagnosis of chordoma is often difficult as its presenting symptoms can mimic more common musculoskeletal pain or other more common diseases. Research has led to a definitive marker for chordoma, but now further research is needed to use these findings to discover how best to treat patients. There is little funding available for research into this relentless bone cancer mainly because it is relatively rare, occurring in only 1 in 800,000 of the population. Without a focused approach to raising money for research into chordoma, little will change quickly. To find out more about what Chordoma UK please visit:

To donate to Chordoma UK please click the donate button below, log in to your Paypal and simply enter the amount you wish to donate.

The VSC Board are confident they can speak for all VSC members and forum users in wishing Hoola a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with him, his family and his friends at this difficult time.
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Ahead of the Blackburn Rovers match, Doncaster Rovers' captain and fan favourite Rob Jones was presented on the pitch with the VSC's Player of the Year trophy for 2012/13. As we all know, Rob led the team to the League One title and turned in a series of commanding performances throughout the season, and this was reflected in his scores in the Man of the Match voting for each game.  At the end of the season the votes were all tallied up and Rob had won with a couple of matches to spare!

Rob was presented the trophy by VSC members Dave Wright (left) and Matthew Lamb (right), who were randomly selected from those present at the recent AGM. The VSC would like to thank everyone who voted in the 2012/13 Man of the Match polls. 

Please remember to vote for your Man of the Match after every match in the Man of The Match section and help decide who should win the Player of the Year 2013/14

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At the Viking Supporters Co-operative's AGM meeting on Saturday 3rd August, John Ryan proudly showed off one of the youth team shirts that the co-operative's members and users of the Viking Chat forum helped support.  Sponsorship of the two youth teams was possible through fans donations via the Tomorrow's Rovers project.

Tomorrow's Rovers aims to help the club fund youth development with the aim of giving the local young players coming through more opportunities, and has been well supported by the fans. 

With the club successfully bouncing back to the SkyBet Championship, the vast majority of available funding this year has been directed towards the first team squad, meaning Tomorrows Rovers takes on a new importance for our next generation of home-grown Rovers players. 

Please support the project if you can by making a donation, and help our local youngsters realise their potential and become Tomorrow's Rovers.

Simply click the donate button below to donate by Paypal.

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This week, the VSC asked regular forum poster OggyCompton (aka Paul) to kick off a series of interviews to show the human face of the people at the club.  Shaun Lockwood, the club's Head of Marketing, was the subject of the first interview and he took some time-out from the build up to the club's Open Evening to speak with Paul.

Click HERE to read the full interview.

Many thanks go to both Paul and Shaun for finding the time to do this.

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The Viking Supporter's Co-operative is pleased to announce that this year's Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd August 2013 at 11:00AM ahead of our first match back in the Championship against Blackpool.

The venue will once again be the Belle Vue Bar at the Keepmoat Stadium, and all current VSC members are eligible to attend.  Non-members may join the VSC on the day and attend the meeting.  Once VSC business is concluded at the meeting, Gavin Baldwin will be in attendance for a question and answer session.

The VSC Board would like to thank both Kevin Twell and Nathan Batchelor, who have left the board, for their work in moving the VSC forward, and would like to appeal for nominations from VSC members to join the board.  If you have a few hours of spare time you can dedicate to working on the behalf of Doncaster Rovers' supporters and representing them in projects with the club and community, then please email with your name and contact details and the name and details of a seconder.  The closing date for nominations is 12 noon on Thursday 1st August 2013.

Election to the VSC board is for a 2 year term, and both Rob Clark and Rob Williams are seeking re-election this year.  Alan Roberts, who was recently co-opted onto the board, will also be seeking his position ratifying.

We hope to see you there.
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