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In our continuing efforts to improve the experience of our forum users, whether VSC Members or not, we are reasserting our belief in being firm, fair and open regarding our moderation of the forums.

For some time now our dedicated forum users have been asking us to be clear about our efforts to prevent troublesome users on the forums.  To this end we have revised and simplified our policy on taking action against those who repeatedly breach our forum rules.

We agree with a firm approach, and acknowledge your right to see clean forums fit for decent, contributing members who respect the site and its purposes.

With immediate effect, Administrators and Moderators of Viking Chat will operate a new simplified moderation policy —but rest assured this will be firm and fair, as we see banning as our last resort after warnings and infractions have been given.

In fact, we hope that being clearer about the way the potential to be banned is applied will lead to better understanding among forum users, and will therefore act as a deterrent to bad behaviour.

To protect the vast majority of forum users from those who appear with disruptive behaviour and disregard for the rules we will follow simple stages in applying successive bans.  Users who breach our rules should be very clear that it will no longer matter whether breaches of the rules are "serious" or "minor", and repeatedly breaking ANY of the rules will ultimately result in a permanent ban.

The following simple model will be followed if after initial warnings and infractions have been given, the user continues to breach the rules:

  •     Initial ban: 1 to 3 days
  •     A subsequent rule breach: 1 to 3 weeks
  •     A further breach of the rules: Permanent ban

This new and simplified policy is geared at those who choose to repeat poor behaviour, ignore warnings, and fail to read our rules.  

Clear and obvious spammers and very extreme or highly destructive behaviour will continue to warrant instant bans.

We hope all forum users will welcome this clarity and support the Administrators and Moderators on this issue.


The Viking Chat Moderation Team

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