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Viking Chat / Re: Welcome back Darren Moore
« Last post by Bristol Red Rover on Today at 02:53:13 am »
In a nutshell, SS, Whiteman carried the whole side, everyone could see it, DM especially could, one of the main reasons he walked in my view, knew from the day Whiteman left we were a busted flush
So busted we went on to win 5 in a row after Whteman left. Somewhere after Fleetwood I think was when DM had his head turned towards Sheff for money and club size.

To a degree I agree about us being worked out as the season progressed but far more the issue was DM wasn't fully present and keeping things fresh when he was repainting his bedroom blue in Feb.
Viking Chat / Re: Which players would you retain?
« Last post by PDX_Rover on Today at 01:13:19 am »
I’d keep Halliday as well although it would be good to see another RB to challenge for the spot (who knows, maybe Seaman is up to it?)

Even if he does leave, hopefully the fact that he played today puts to bed the nonsense that he wasn’t willing to play and making up an injury. Halliday’s always been one of the more committed players in the team and I think some of the comments about him missing over the past month have been pretty disrespectful and look to have been unfair.

Erm. Ok.
Viking Chat / Re: Derby County
« Last post by PDX_Rover on Today at 01:05:10 am »
This value of players thing is a vague thing isn’t  it?
Off Topic / Re: Voter ID
« Last post by bpoolrover on Today at 12:49:18 am »
I can’t see a problem with it but as Janso said it should be free
Off Topic / Re: Remind me again why we left the EU
« Last post by BillyStubbsTears on May 10, 2021, 11:54:48 pm »
It's well established that Freeports do next to nothing to boost overall economic performance of a wide region. They draw in money and jobs from adjacent areas.
Off Topic / Re: Voter ID
« Last post by wilts rover on May 10, 2021, 11:17:29 pm »
I agree - some form of ID should be asked for - even if it is just a couple of bills proving their house address.

So should they stop postal votes - where clearly you cannot provide any other form of ID then the form you are filling in?

If so - how long in advance should an election be called to ensure people are at home on that day?

I always thought postal voting has been dodgy. There's been blatant vote rigging in some Asian areas, whether that's just husbands voting behalf of wives, or even more widespread stuff where people have been collecting ballot papers from the community.

Demanding ID though is probably a strategy to boost Tory chances though.

Has there? You would have thought the electoral commission would have had a look into that if you know about it?

I have used a postal vote twice because I was not at home on election day due to various circumstances. As I said before - how long in advance should an election be called to ensure you are able to vote - and not be abroad on holiday, on business, at a funeral etc? Or don't these people matter?
Off Topic / Re: Remind me again why we left the EU
« Last post by SydneyRover on May 10, 2021, 11:13:23 pm »
''Post-Brexit trade deals mean firms will miss out on freeport benefits

Government admits agreements with 23 countries include clauses prohibiting use of tax breaks''

This on top of any dubious benefit, as some experts are saying freeports take jobs and wealth from other areas.



''Freeports formed a key part of the Tory election campaign in the north-east, where the Conservative mayor of Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, championed plans for a zone in the area''

Viking Chat / Re: Derby County
« Last post by Surrey Rover on May 10, 2021, 11:05:21 pm »
Changing the subject a bit but does anyone remember when we played Derby in a cup game at Belle Vue? I was about 15 so mid 70%u2019s I%u2019d guess. It was a night match really foggy as I recall and there were bottles and lumps of concrete flying everywhere, pitched battles on the pop side and on the grass outside the ground. The walk back into town was really scary stuff as there were scraps breaking out all the way down Bennethorpe and the Police were randomly belting anyone unfortunate enough to be in their way!
October 1996.
Charlie George playing for Derby. We lost 2-1 if my memory serves me right. Over 14,000 in Belle Vue that night.

We had 20,000 for the Hull cup game the season before. Like sardines in a can standing behind the goal at the Town end.

Only 20 years off, Camps. Never mind; you got the Charlie George bit and the scoreline right.
Sorry I thought I had put 1976  :facepalm: 1 was there so I know it was 76. Just a typing error
It was August ‘76, a second round league cup tie having knocked out Lincoln City in the first round on penalties after a replay at the City Ground a week earlier.
Off Topic / Re: Voter ID
« Last post by SydneyRover on May 10, 2021, 10:46:23 pm »
But with 4 yrs of trump and his cronies they can probably see the light now
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