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Off Topic / Re: Ken Loach Speaks Out
« Last post by albie on Today at 06:45:13 pm »
Andy McDonald resigns from Starmer shitshow;

What a fiasco!
Off Topic / Re: Ken Loach Speaks Out
« Last post by scawsby steve on Today at 06:41:28 pm »
I'm an angry old man, so angry I'm damn well going to do ................... nothing

You don't have to do anything, Syd old boy; just relax on Bondi Beach.

It'll help ease the pain of Starmer's dicking at the next GE. That is, if he's not removed before then.
Off Topic / Re: Brexit Benefits Log
« Last post by selby on Today at 06:41:28 pm »
  The transactions and the money being made is in London.
Viking Chat / Re: Rovers can now install Safe Standing
« Last post by silent majority on Today at 06:27:53 pm »
If anybody's interested in reading a bit more about rail seats, then here's a link to the Safe Standing Roadshow. DRFC supporters may remember the demo unit that I brought to the Keepmoat once during a 'Meet The Owners' night.


Viking Chat / Re: No one wants him as a ref
« Last post by selby on Today at 06:23:11 pm »
  He will be judged by me on results, has not got away to a very good start but problems outside his jurisdiction and previous managers have left him short also in most positions either for class or cover.
 So his team building under financial restraints has been thrust on him from the first day of his arrival, but what he does player wise will be his ultimate test.
 There are  in our the supporters opinions good and bad team managers and good clubs to work at without others stepping on the managers toes and the manager given time to put his ideas into practice. We have been and I hope still are one of those clubs that give a manager time to do his job and judge him on that job and not personality.
  If being a nice personality makes a good manager of a football side, not many who are in the job would be in the game now, and a lot the public think are nice people fool them.
Viking Chat / Re: Let's talk about the Ipswich Town game
« Last post by Janso on Today at 06:15:54 pm »
I normally don't miss a game but the only person I know that would've been able to go can't because of the stupid entry rules, so I won't be going.

Disappointed but wasn't worth the f**k about getting in.
Viking Chat / Re: PvO 2021/22
« Last post by Crowle Rover on Today at 06:08:29 pm »
Win v Ipswich
Viking Chat / Re: SWFC
« Last post by Chris Black come back on Today at 05:44:06 pm »
It was annoying when he left and the manner wasn’t ideal, but I don’t wish the guy any ill will. Clearly though he has a set template and it usually starts brightly then rapidly gets found out, and he doesn’t appear able to change said template. He’s got stacks of cash to burn at this level yet the Wednesday fans say his failings are exactly those we all saw. His interview style doesn’t help him either. Maybe like Steve McLaren and Brian Kidd he is a coach rather than a manager?
Off Topic / F1 GP - Sochi
« Last post by Donnywolf on Today at 05:38:42 pm »
WOW - one of the most "gripping" GPs Ive ever seen
Got to feel gutted for Lando Norris - a classic case of "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" but most of them have done it and next time the Team call Box, Box he will probably not over rule them
Ham listened , pitted and caught Lando in 3 laps - despite losing 30 seconds going on wets
Off Topic / Re: Up to £30 an hr to pick broccoli in Lincolnshire
« Last post by Donnywolf on Today at 05:30:49 pm »
... and it will be 10 times the price I suppose
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