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Viking Chat / Re: JR stirring it
« Last post by Bentley Bullet on Today at 06:12:42 pm »
Who does it refer to then?
Off Topic / Re: Ukraine
« Last post by danumdon on Today at 06:12:24 pm »
Thought one or two maybe would of had some sort of opinion on this tweet from Alex Navalny commenting on the support the UK have provided to the Ukrainian war effort.

I'm sure if it had been negative it would of been up before now.

Viking Chat / Re: Jake Daniels
« Last post by Daniel_Smith on Today at 06:12:11 pm »
Very brave. Wish him all the luck in his career. Everyone should be able to live their life as their true selves. It's a shame so many gay footballers have felt unable to come out over the years. Primarily due to not knowing how the rest of the footballing world and its supporters would react. I sincerely hope fans don't give him any abuse. Hopefully this then encourages others to follow Jakes example.
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by Bentley Bullet on Today at 06:11:12 pm »
So, if everyone follows this advice and gets a better job, who is going to do all the lower paid but essential jobs?
Those without a job?
Viking Chat / Re: JR stirring it
« Last post by wilts rover on Today at 06:10:28 pm »
Just to point out that John gave the managers job to Ian Snodin, Steve Wignall and Paul Dickov and put Willie Mackay in charge of picking half the team. Wilst appointing Sean O'Driscoll he also sacked him - and Dave Penney.

John was fantastic for DRFC, and it is not exaggeration to say without him there would not be a DRFC, certainly not in the form we have seen it for the past 20 years. He was fantastic for the club, but he wasn't infallible.

Thanks for the memories John, enjoy your time as a fan and leave the running of the club to the people who run the club.

So, he's not entitled to his opinion then?

If memory serves me correctly he was never than keen on people outside the club telling him how to run it.
Are you suggesting that he told TB how to run the club after he left?

No, I am answering your question about his entitlement to an opinion. Why do you think this refers to TB?
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by River Don on Today at 06:05:34 pm »
Was learn to cook 30p meals a government suggestion?

And do star jumps to keep warm if the house is cold.
Viking Chat / Re: FA Cup final
« Last post by ravenrover on Today at 06:04:06 pm »
Guessing there might have been a few coal powered facilities in that  area
I wonder how many of the Rovers fans chanting it now know much about or were affected by the strike
Off Topic / Re: DUP
« Last post by big fat yorkshire pudding on Today at 06:01:42 pm »
On the point of the Brexit vote, should the rest of the UK voted one way purely because of Northern Ireland?  Its the very part of being in a union that unionists should accept isn't it? If they want to align with England, Wales, Scotland they will be a minority partner and should accept that. But it is much more complicated.  I'm not sure John in Darlington should vote one way because of someone's thoughts in Derry.....

The supposed Irish see border is a workable solution with some issues but it can be resolved.  I doubt the dup will accept any checks at all between UK and Northern Ireland and that is a problem but they can't be ignored.
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by danumdon on Today at 05:58:37 pm »
So, if everyone follows this advice and gets a better job, who is going to do all the lower paid but essential jobs?

I got the impression that she expected the same people to be doing these menial tasks as part of their "five a day" as in five jobs to make up the difference.

Not clever.
Off Topic / Re: Sweden & Finland.
« Last post by danumdon on Today at 05:55:25 pm »
Massive miscalculation by the Russians to this whole scenario, To end up with the very last thing you wanted to happen, even after you sent thousands of young men to their scorching deaths and have beggared your economy for the foreseeable will be seen on the world stage as very concerning with Putin showing signs of starting to loose the plot.

Situations like this make the rest of the world very uncomfortable because of the sheer unpredictability of Putin's next moves. It could be a case of him being very quickly discarded off to his retirement dacha to die quietly whilst the Gov tries to minimize the damage or he could ensure he goes out in a blaze, along with the rest of the developed world.

I'm sure we will be finding out in due course. Here's hoping some sane back channels exist that can get a grip of him and the situation.
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