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Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by rtid88 on Today at 06:51:38 pm »
Must be all the roadkill I'm eating. Still, it's cheaper than an extortionate foodbank.
Extortionate food bank?? WTF you on about?
It's called sarcasm. I'm an expert at it.
Your not!
Viking Chat / Re: JR stirring it
« Last post by steve@dcfd on Today at 06:50:11 pm »
Can all of the ones who have a bee in their bonnet for years just let it drop now. Every time his names mentioned the digs from the past start. Move on boys have a good summer ride you bikes, read book and let see what happens in July.
Off Topic / Re: Ukraine
« Last post by drfchound on Today at 06:50:07 pm »
Sweden are to vote on NATO

I wonder if democracy will prevail if the vote is close, say something like 51% to 49%.
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by drfchound on Today at 06:47:26 pm »
So current Govt suggestions for how to motivate the cost of living crisis.

1) Only MoT your car every 2 years.
2) Eat Lidl Own Brand
3) Stay on the bus all day to keep warm.
4) Everyone get a better job.

Anyone get the impression there's not a lot of detailed thinking going on among these intellectual giants in the Cabinet?

Can you post a link to where the government suggested stay on the bus all day to keep warm.
Or is that another fib by you.
Off Topic / Re: DUP
« Last post by danumdon on Today at 06:44:50 pm »
When people talk about demographic change, it occurs alongside different aspirations and social priorities.

The 2 tribes history will break down over time, and voters will become more concerned with the policy proposals that offer prospects for development.

Those who lived through the troubles are now elderly, and the old divisions will weaken with their passing.

The GFA hard wires the partition of powers between the 2 communities. As it becomes less relevant to the developing political landscape it will need to be revisited. How do you accommodate the Alliance Party into this format?

This is a good point, i would say the public of Northern Ireland will make this meaningless in time as more none aligned parties come to the fore in the future.

The tribal sectarian politics will become something that the public will learn to leave aside when it comes to electing who they consider will be best placed to provide them with government that will enrich their lives not cast dark clouds and misery.

The future is there's to decide, let the old dogs lie.

The old dogs WERE lying. The GFA WAS doing the job of letting scars heal.

Now that's all back up in the air because of Brexit. Just like some of us predicted 6 years back.

No i don't agree with that, The EU weaponised the NI situation to cause the British the maximum disruption when attempting the exit from the EU, in effect the EU were prepared to throw the Irish and the GFA to the wall to attempt to get their preferred outcome.

Did not Barnier and his cronies also get caught on camera basically saying the same thing?

Christ where to start with this. It's truly scary.

I assume you mean this video?


I assume that WAS the video you were talking about. Many Brexit supporters have commented on it showing what t**ts the EU negotiators were.

Except. It was a con. It was an editted version if an original, where Barnier was calling out how he expected the UK negotiators to use the NI issue in bad faith.

The edit deliberately made it sound as though Barnier was talking about EU negotiating policy. It seems to have done the job with you.

Do you know who edited and published that deliberate deception? Farage's Leave.EU.

They deliberately chose to lie to you. Confirming what you wanted to believe about the EU.

I get that this will hurt. It's never enjoyable to find out that you've been the mark in a sting

No not at all, i don't stake my life on the words and deeds of politicians, regardless of the video being doctored that was never going to be the defining information that would lead me to believe that Barnier was never going to approach the negotiations in good faith, the guy was hand picked to ensure the EU tried to screw the UK to the wall, the fact that May and the remainer cabal in the commons tied our hands behind our back to enable us to get any sort of deal was the icing on the cake for this grey and morose individual.
Off Topic / Re: Wordle today
« Last post by mugnapper on Today at 06:43:20 pm »
Even more triumphant 2 today.
Been up since 1.30am, flown to Majorca, been all round  the island before finding hotel. Walked 8 miles in the sun.
Wife says 'Have you wordled?' I'm on my 4th pint and knackered.
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by Bentley Bullet on Today at 06:35:39 pm »
So, if everyone follows this advice and gets a better job, who is going to do all the lower paid but essential jobs?
Those without a job?

This MP had a great idea - get the pensioner's out of retirement to do them. Let us know when you start:

And how would I find the time to sit at my laptop on this forum all day if I got a job?

..........Unless BST needs an assistant!
Off Topic / Re: DUP
« Last post by BillyStubbsTears on Today at 06:31:46 pm »
On the point of the Brexit vote, should the rest of the UK voted one way purely because of Northern Ireland?  Its the very part of being in a union that unionists should accept isn't it? If they want to align with England, Wales, Scotland they will be a minority partner and should accept that. But it is much more complicated.  I'm not sure John in Darlington should vote one way because of someone's thoughts in Derry.....

The supposed Irish see border is a workable solution with some issues but it can be resolved.  I doubt the dup will accept any checks at all between UK and Northern Ireland and that is a problem but they can't be ignored.

The point is that responsible politicians had a duty to inform voters about the consequences of Brexit on NI. If voters then chose to play with fire on that issue, that's between them and their conscience.

What actually happened was that politicians on one side raised this. While politicians on the other side insisted it was Project Fear.

It's now clear that one side was telling the truth and the other side was lying. The absolute minimum that a functioning democracy requires is for John in Darlington to be aware that he's been lied to, and to factor that into his future decisions.
Off Topic / Re: As if they have not boiled our piss enough
« Last post by redwine on Today at 06:28:34 pm »
Words never fail me where the nasty party are concerned. However I end up sounding like Martin Lewis talking to Ofgen

Viking Chat / Re: JR stirring it
« Last post by wilts rover on Today at 06:28:08 pm »
I would have thought it was fairly clear 'he was never keen on people outside the club telling him how to run it' were err, the people outsside the club who were criticising him and his appointments/actions during his running the club.
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