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Viking Chat / Re: Prediction
« Last post by elmsallrover on Today at 09:44:51 am »
What's the odds that rovers last 3 manager's all getting the sack by xmas
Viking Chat / Re: Rovers attire when you’re not at the game.
« Last post by Herbert Anchovy on Today at 09:40:37 am »
Over the past few years a bit of a tradition has begun for a few of us to get together in a pub and watch the Soccer Saturday programme if we’re not at the game. As you can imagine, I’m the only Rovers fan from a group of Spurs, West Ham and Arsenal fans! It’s a long time since I’ve owned a shirt but I generally have a classic Rovers pin badge on. I got the badge back in the 80’s when the club shop was in the same building as the social club at Belle Vue and it’s stayed with me ever since!
Viking Chat / Re: Let's talk about the Ipswich Town game
« Last post by selby on Today at 09:25:33 am »
  This could be our lowest away attendance for a long time, sad for those who used to never miss a game, times have changed no matter what people say.
  Good live coverage by the media and payment to your own club looks to be the future.
Off Topic / Evergrande .................. sheesh
« Last post by SydneyRover on Today at 09:22:51 am »
So, as xi jinping gives the a chinese version of levelling up a go and china's growth slows, how will it affect the rest of the world? Will in fact china's growth slow, will they bail out Evergrande? Has anyone got money in china atm. Has anyone got any ideas as to what will happen.

Viking Chat / Re: Rovers attire when you’re not at the game.
« Last post by NigelJ on Today at 09:16:25 am »
I don't understand the concept of 'Not being at the game' (pandemics excepted)
Viking Chat / Re: No one wants him as a ref
« Last post by selby on Today at 08:59:05 am »
  Players can be criticised, supporters can be criticised, the board can be criticised, the manager can be criticised, and referees cannot who hold the most responsibility in a game from start to finish, something wrong there.
  We play Ipswich next, where I was a witness to one of the worst refereeing decisions I have ever seen that was not given in our favour, resulted in Ipswich scoring the goal that won the game and cost us the point that would have kept us in the Championship the next season, resulting in this club losing millions of pounds in income and was not the only bad decision in the closing games of that season that made everyone consider collusion of officials that season to affect our results.
  Whether they were pens or not he is a recognised poor referee by most in the game and who watch the games he referees, why hide the fact in interviews and conversations.
Viking Chat / Re: No one wants him as a ref
« Last post by NigelJ on Today at 08:52:50 am »
Wellens needs to get a grip and start taking responsibility for his own players errors. Knoyle made the wrong decision to go to ground for the first. Dahlberg made a balls up with the catch and then made a balls up of the ensuing rescue mission to retrieve the ball. End of. Ref absolved from blame IMO yesterday.

So the Plymouth players boot being swung at Dahlberg midriff was irrelevant? It certainly stopped Dahlberg retrieving the ball. A free kick should have been given to us.

The first penalty was also not clear-cut. Knoyle slid in, attempting to block the cross. The challenge wasn't to directly tackle the player. The Plymouth player, having put the cross in, then proceeded to move inside, in my opinion to deliberately get caught by the attempted block, and 'win' a penalty.
Viking Chat / Re: No one wants him as a ref
« Last post by German Rover on Today at 08:34:18 am »
He acts like a child, there is no responsibility there.

This sort of thing used to do us damage when JR would go on local radio ranting about referees.
Off Topic / Re: The cost of charging an electric car
« Last post by Draytonian III on Today at 08:16:00 am »
Being a “non driver “ what about people who live in a flat say on the 14th floor how are they going to charge their car’s , extension lead out of the window ?
Off Topic / Re: Tory Scum
« Last post by drfchound on Today at 08:12:22 am »
  What would be the reaction if a conservative MP called  anyone scum? I would be interested to see the reaction on here.

I feel like James Gray MP saying someone should plant a bomb in Anneliese Dodds office is far worse...

But at least he has done the right thing and apologised.

Really? He apologised to a newspaper when they asked him to make a comment, he didn't apologise to the person he was referring to and is only apologising as he got caught. He was hoping to get away with saying it in a private WhatsApp group and not being pulled up on it. Like I said proposing the murder of someone is worse than calling someone scum.

Irrespective, he has apologised.

To a newspaper.......

Via a newspaper.
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