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The VSC met with the club recently and the most important point on both our agendas was our fan engagement programme 'In Rovers We Trust'. The upheaval in the summer is now out of the way, the club has a squad that looks pretty much complete, and we have appointed a Chairman to oversee all club issues. It was very encouraging from our newly appointed Chairman, David Blunt, to read that, "I'm also keen to invigorate ‘In Rovers We Trust’, and it is now time to step up our approach.

As most of you are aware IRWT has delivered a range of successful projects since the club and the VSC introduced this programme a couple of seasons ago. IRWT has received international acclaim for its broad reach and a desire to achieve results that reflect what our club values most; that is the supporters are at the heart of all that we do!

It was apparent from our meeting that we both feel the same way, that now is the right time to push forward and we have set ourselves some ambitious targets for the next few weeks. We also have some game changing ideas that will need a lot of thought and consideration and which may take some considerable time to reach fruition. But that’s for another day.

To begin with we’re covering territory that we began with all those months ago. We've agreed another survey to attempt to 'test the water' and see how people feel about their experiences as a Doncaster Rovers supporter; we'd like to emphasise the positives and then try to eliminate the negatives. When we first began we set up a couple of fan panels but they had a short shelf life, so we’d like to try that again. Furthermore we shall be looking at the events that impact on supporters and help to create a satisfactory outcome for those involved.

So, our short term aims will be:

•   New IRWT Survey
o   Where are we?
o   What does it mean to supporters?
o   What should be the priorities?

•   Fan Panels
o   Encourage new participants
o   Match day atmosphere, what can we achieve?
o   Ticket pricing and match day promotion, how can we help?

•   Consultation with supporters
o   Examples would be the new scoreboard
o   Can we learn lessons?
o   How will it benefit DRFC supporters?
o   Are there issues with moving supporters and how can we resolve that?

So, some ambitious targets to get the next phase of IRWT underway. We will need the help of all supporters and all age groups. If you would really like to help then please volunteer for the fan panels. As usual we should have our friend Mark Bradley helping out with those. For supporters who attend the ‘Meet the Owners’ events you’ll recognise him as the Sunderland supporter!

Once again we are pleased that this partnership between DRFC and the VSC delivered so much the last time we set out on this journey - the club achieved promotion and a bagful of positives - let's hope for a similar outcome once again.
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Following yesterday's announcement from DRFC that David Blunt and Dick Watson have agreed to become Chairman and
President of the club the VSC would like to welcome them respectively to these positions, state that we are looking
forward to working alongside them and wish them all the best in these roles moving into the future.

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Download, print and hand out the poster for the Port Vale game now!
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The Viking Supporters Co-operative is delighted to announce that following a successful application to Doncaster Council the Keepmoat Stadium and surrounding areas have been designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).

The VSC made the application to Doncaster MBC to have the stadium and surrounding areas listed under the 2011 Localism Act.  The process started in January 2014 and with the ACV now in place should the council decide to sell all or part of the stadium complex the VSC must be informed as the nominated community group.  

The VSC would then have a period of no more than six weeks to lodge a non-binding expression of interest, and then a further four and a half months to develop a bid and raise the necessary capital to purchase on behalf of the community.

A number of football stadia have already been designated as ACVs, including Old Trafford, Anfield and Leicester City's King Power Stadium, and the Keepmoat Stadium now joins that growing list.  The decision to support the application by Doncaster Council reflects the growing understanding that, as the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles said when launching the Localism Act in 2011, "Football stadiums are not only the heart and soul of every team, they are rooted in and loved by the neighbourhoods that surround them".

In our view, this is fantastic news for Doncaster Rovers supporters in particular, but will also help ensure that the stadium area remains available for fans of all the Doncastrian sporting clubs who use the facilities.  The Keepmoat stadium complex is vital for the continued development of those clubs and this ACV gives supporters and the wider Doncaster community a say in what happens should the council agree to sell it.

The ACV listing remains in place for a period of 5 years and the VSC will commit to re-apply in 2019.

The VSC would like to thank Doncaster Rovers Football Club, Supporters Direct, and Doncaster Council's Asset Management team for their assistance and support throughout the process.

The application letter can be read here and the siteplan can be seen here.
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Following the recent takeover collapsing, the VSC board felt it necessary to meet with the club to understand next steps and the roadmap for future
development in the playing squad.  Yesterday's statement regarding the youth development model, coupled with an interview with Ritchie Wellens
and the recent departure to Barnsley of two players who had been training with us, has resulted in supporters questioning the direction of the club.

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Thanks to all who have voted so far, now it's time for the final vote!
Visit and vote for the charity you would like to see as the official VSC Charity for 2014/15.
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The VSC meet with Clive Efford MP – Shadow Minister of Sport

The VSC was invited to a meeting with Clive Efford MP who is the current Shadow Minister for Sport.  
Clive himself is a Millwall supporter and takes very seriously the position of supporter’s trusts and the part they play in their local community and football club.

The main topics for discussion fell in to two main areas, governance of football clubs and the role of supporter’s trusts and fan engagement.

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Viking Supporters Co-operative Statement

The Viking Supporters Co-operative has continued to maintain and grow a relationship with the owners and management of Doncaster Rovers Football Club since the Trust's formation in 2001.  With the news that the club has been subject to further takeover negotiations over the last few weeks, the VSC reaffirmed it's position of welcoming any sustainable investment that will lead to further success for the football club, both on and off the pitch.

Following the completion of talks, the takeover by John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson has been approved by the current board and owners.  The VSC would like to welcome John back to the boardroom and wish Louis good luck for his first venture into football club ownership.  The VSC now looks forward to working with John and Louis and the management team at Doncaster Rovers to help achieve further successes.  We will seek to open detailed discussions very soon surrounding the short and long term ownership of the football club, financial stability and future development plans, and will be tabling any questions supporters would like to raise through us.

An active supporters' trust is important in maintaining the long-term interests of the fans in the future of the club, and the more members we have then the greater the sphere of influence.  As ever we'd welcome new members to join us in the interest of the club we all love.  To join the VSC please visit
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70 years ago today 150,000 Allied troops mounted the biggest amphibious invasion on D-Day. The largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the Allied invasion of German-occupied western Europe, led to the restoration of the French Republic, and contributed to the Allied victory in World War II.

We will remember them.
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Chris Brown was awarded the Viking Chat Player of the Year 2013/14 yesterday, voted for by the Viking Chat Forum users. VSC Director Rob Williams presented the trophy.

Following each match Viking Chat forum users are invited to vote for their man of the match, with each of the top 4 players receiving 5, 3, 2 or 1 points respectively. Chris had been leading the votes table for a number of weeks, and his position at top of the table was confirmed with a few games to spare, finishing ahead of Turnbull in 2nd and Coppinger in 3rd.

Brown has impressed most fans and followers of the club this season with his 9 goals and relentless work rate, which has also earned him the Supporters Club Player of Year and "Star Player of the Year".

We asked Chris a few questions after presenting the award:

Out of the nine you scored, which was your favourite goal this season?
Against Sheffield Wednesday, winning us the match and a South Yorkshire derby.

Which was your favourite match?
Definitely Leeds away.

What is the aim next season?
To win League One again.

Who do you think is the biggest rival for League One promotion next season?
Sheffield United
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