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Calling all Rovers fans (and their families)!  How would you like to appear in a new Channel 4 documentary series, aimed at exploring the issues facing British families in 2012?  Robin Ockleford, a researcher from TwoFour Media, has contacted the VSC to see if any Rovers supporting families would like to take part.  Robin goes on to say......

We're making a landmark series for Channel 4 about what life is really like for British families in this iconic year.  While the attention of the world is on the Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics this summer, most of us will be trying harder and harder to get by.  Against this backdrop we're hoping to tell the stories of inspiring, warm and engaging families - from all areas and backgrounds across the UK, living through these tough economic times. 


While we are looking for all types of families from all over the country - we would really like a football mad family from Yorkshire to reflect the fact that this summer is not only a big one for the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee, but for football as well.


We'd like to reflect the range of issues faced by families in 2012 - from redundancy, money worries and the need to find a new job, to fears about your own business and paying your rent or mortgage.  We also hope to talk to people on benefit, to really understand the struggles they face.  And to explore the pressures parents deal with - supporting their children, from new babies arriving home to school leavers and graduates, often struggling to find work. 


We'd like to talk to families about different relationship stresses too, perhaps how they cope with divorce, or find out what happens when the in-laws have to move in.  Ultimately, we want this to be a definitive series looking at British family life, celebrating their resourcefulness, strength and even humour as they take on the challenges of this year.


We're currently researching the series and would like to speak to as many families as possible about their experiences. Any conversations will be informal and confidential and do not commit people to taking part.  I'd be really grateful if you would let me post on your forums or help me get in touch with Donny fan-families in any other way you might know of.


Best wishes,



If you and your family would like to take part in this documentary, please contact Robin directly on 0207 438 1871 or via

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