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Sorry it has taken so long, but as a Board we wanted to get the Roles and Responsibilities of the new Board correct and this was finalised on Thursday evening.   

The whole Board want to place on record their thanks and appreciation to Rob Clark for the work he has done as Chairman. 

As the VSC is a Community Benefit Society the board acknowledged the importance of this and made an example of how sucessful the Community scheme is at DRFC. It was conversed that the VSC is better equiped at present to partner with DRFC in its community work until it had gathered enough momentum before doing its own campaign. The Board did agree that the VSC can however take part in small charitable work and a scenario about the VSC getting involved and helping out with local voluntary work, the example of pushing an appeal for volunteers to repaint a local park and help renovate a local park was given which was widely accepted by the Board.

The commercial aspect of the Trust was discussed and this is an area the VSC should look to exploit to increase it's revenue stream and it's reputation amongst the businesses in the community.

The Board discussed the officers that should be appointed and it was debated about what was needed in what areas to help the VSC progress, from there various officers were appointed by the Board which were all unanimously agreed:

Chairman: Nathan Batchelor (
Secretary:Martin O'Hara (
Treasurer: Mark Lister (
Vice Treasurer: Andy Audsley (
Membership Officer: Lee Croft (
Press/Communications Officer: Mike Follows (
Community Officer: Dave Burkitt (
Commercial Officer : Kevin Twell ( )
IT/Website Officer: Rob Willliams (
Board Members without portfolio: Glyn Wigley (, Martyn Bentley (, Rob Clark (

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