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27 Nov 2012 - £5k Donation

If any of you missed it on Saturday, Lee Croft and Andy Audsley (VSC Directors) presented to James Husband (on behalf of DRFC) a big cheque of £5,000. This donation comes on the back of the VSC's Tomorrow's Rovers fundraising campaign.

We asked to present it to James Husband because his story is one that we hope becomes a common one for players of the Youth Team in the future. This development of local young players is, in the view of the VSC Board, vital to the future of the club - a steady stream of players developed in the Doncaster Rovers way, who understand the way we play because that is the way they have been taught, and are able to come into the first team and be comfortable, prepared and excel.

We hope that this is the first of many donations from our Tomorrow's Rovers fund, and as such we hope that you keep supporting our cause by donating to the fund. We know times are hard, but see this as a very worthy cause with a tangible payback.  Many supporters tell us that seeing local lads come through and pull on the iconic red and white hoops gives them an enormous sense of pride.

Please support this cause by donating via Paypal by visiting or email if you would like to donate via an alternative method.  

As little or as much as you can give will be gratefully received, and move us closer to a better future of Doncaster boys playing for their local team!

The future is bright! It's Red and White!! Rovers Till I Die!!!   

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