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Following months of discussions with Doncaster Rovers Football Club over formalising the commitment of the club and fans to work together, the VSC is delighted to announce that we and the club have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  This document provides a written framework for how the club and the VSC will operate together to ensure that fan's views are represented in the key decisions taken at the club that have an impact on supporters.  It defines activity around regular contact and meetings and defines actions placed on both the club and the co-operative.

Martin O'Hara, the VSC's secretary said "We are delighted to announce this MoU as a pathway to ensure that supporter's views are consistently heard in the strategic decisions directing the club forward that have an impact on them.  This document provides a written agreement to supporters with an assurance that the club will be receptive to their comments and ideas, and that communication will be open and constructive between the club and the VSC.  It is a major achievement for club and trust to be one of the first to agree this approach and underlines the relationship that the VSC already has with the club and the value within that which is recognised by both parties"

The terms of the MoU operate with immediate effect.

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