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It is with sadness that the VSC learnt the news of Andrew Watson taking the decison to leave his position on the Board of Doncaster Rovers.

We have been aware for some months that Andrew had been considering stepping down from his Board position as Vice Chairman, which he undertook in 2016, and had been expecting this day to come.  Obviously, we would have preferred Andrew to stay, especially as a lifelong and passionate Rovers fan with the club's best interest firmly front and centre in all he did for and with the club, and we did express that opinion, but we have the utmost respect for him reaching this difficult decision.

It would be remiss of us not to mention that his participation in our club, and that of the wider Watson family, has been incredibly beneficial to all of us. Their presence in our club has seen the success, on and off the field, exceed anything that we could possibly have imagined as recently as 15 years ago. They have helped create the conditions to enable some wonderful memories, but what many fan's maybe wont appreciate is just how Andrew has participation in our fan engagement schemes. Our meetings with him found him to be enthusiatic and productive and helped the club and fans build something enduring and beneficial, something that he can always be proud of.

Andrew's sister, Sarah, is also stepping down from club involvement.  We hope to see them and the family around the stadium sometime soon, when we all can get back to enjoying our club and supporting the team. Andrew and Sarah leave with our best wishes and our continued friendship.  

It just remains to say a huge thank you to them for all they've done for the club and the fans.

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