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09 May 2021 - Thank you Copps

Legend is a term that gets thrown around a lot in football, usually out of context or applied to people to whom the term is wholly inappropriate. James Coppinger does not belong in that category. 

Today saw genuine Rovers legend Coppinger play his last competitive game for us in the defeat to Peterborough at the end of his 17 seasons here.  This past week or so has seen Copps confirm that this really is the end, and many of the fans (including us at the VSC) were hoping for one more season, especially as fans haven't been able to see any of James's performances this season in the flesh at a game due to the Covid restrictions.  

The increasing emotional intensity of James's interviews over the past week or so have made us all realise that this was actually happening.  Our hope of a U-turn evaporated and James's decision was made, and this was real. His tears in interviews cut through us all.  The most stoic of us had a lump in our throats, as the man who many see as the cornerstone of the club, "Mr Doncaster Rovers" himself, finally drew the curtain on his playing career.

We all have our own special Copps-inspired memories, and now is definitely the time to remember them, catalogue them, savour them. There will be no more. Don't let the ones we all have and share get lost.

Thank you, James. For everything.

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