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Become a VSC Commercial Partner

Is your business based in Doncaster or the surrounding areas? Do you want to grow the reputation of your Business and be seen to help a Co-operative whose objective is to benefit the community that it serves?

Become a VSC Commercial Partner on the VSC website for a flat-fee of £150 per year. For that price you get:

- a top banner on every page of the website (468px x 60px),
- a side banner on the VSC homepage (234px x 60px)
- your company logo, contact details and a short description on our commercial partners page (
- 2 banners designed free of charge if you can't supply your own

We normally also ask that a representative from each commercial partner sign up as a VSC member for a year, if they aren't already, which is only an additional £12, but this is entirely up to you.

A few website stats for you:

- In an average month the VSC website receives over 18,500 unique visitors, over 145,000 visits and over 1.4 million page-views
- 90% of our visitors are returning visitors
- Visitors spend an average of 10 minutes browsing the VSC site/forum

If you would look like to become a Commercial Partner just email, or click here for our contact details.

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