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The Viking Supporter's Co-operative is pleased to announce that this year's Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd August 2013 at 11:00AM ahead of our first match back in the Championship against Blackpool.

The venue will once again be the Belle Vue Bar at the Keepmoat Stadium, and all current VSC members are eligible to attend.  Non-members may join the VSC on the day and attend the meeting.  Once VSC business is concluded at the meeting, Gavin Baldwin will be in attendance for a question and answer session.

The VSC Board would like to thank both Kevin Twell and Nathan Batchelor, who have left the board, for their work in moving the VSC forward, and would like to appeal for nominations from VSC members to join the board.  If you have a few hours of spare time you can dedicate to working on the behalf of Doncaster Rovers' supporters and representing them in projects with the club and community, then please email with your name and contact details and the name and details of a seconder.  The closing date for nominations is 12 noon on Thursday 1st August 2013.

Election to the VSC board is for a 2 year term, and both Rob Clark and Rob Williams are seeking re-election this year.  Alan Roberts, who was recently co-opted onto the board, will also be seeking his position ratifying.

We hope to see you there.
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