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by Paul Williams

So on to Leeds United and Elland Road – both relics of the past in many ways.

No doubt the wheelie bins have been taking a pasting in darkest West Yorkshire lately as United have had their defences breeched 16 times in the last five games. Now that the Football League has put the kaibosh on Massimo Cellino’s bid for ownership, fans are more worried about their club’s future than what’s happening on the field and, judging by recent results, so are the players.

That said, we’ve never had much luck against our neighbours from West Yorkshire since that play-off triumph and, as the United board seem to think visiting fans should service their debt, there probably won’t be a significant away attendance this weekend. Some clubs get sympathy when they are in dire financial straits but maybe the sympathy should be reserved for Leeds’ creditors given what’s happened in the past. The authorities are likely to take a very dim view if administrators are called in again - might this be the last time we meet up with our misguided old friends the Donny Whites before they start looking up locations in the Evo Stick League?
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