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Viking Supporters Co-operative Statement

The Viking Supporters Co-operative has continued to maintain and grow a relationship with the owners and management of Doncaster Rovers Football Club since the Trust's formation in 2001.  With the news that the club has been subject to further takeover negotiations over the last few weeks, the VSC reaffirmed it's position of welcoming any sustainable investment that will lead to further success for the football club, both on and off the pitch.

Following the completion of talks, the takeover by John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson has been approved by the current board and owners.  The VSC would like to welcome John back to the boardroom and wish Louis good luck for his first venture into football club ownership.  The VSC now looks forward to working with John and Louis and the management team at Doncaster Rovers to help achieve further successes.  We will seek to open detailed discussions very soon surrounding the short and long term ownership of the football club, financial stability and future development plans, and will be tabling any questions supporters would like to raise through us.

An active supporters' trust is important in maintaining the long-term interests of the fans in the future of the club, and the more members we have then the greater the sphere of influence.  As ever we'd welcome new members to join us in the interest of the club we all love.  To join the VSC please visit
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