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Doncaster trivia quiz

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--- Quote from: \"Wild Rover\" post=218334 ---Thinkm i know this. Season 1924-1925 ( 10th jan 1925 ) DRFC 1 Norwich City 2.
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Surprisingly no, well not if you look at this article by Tony Bluff on the OS.

How it all began

DRFC 1-9 Rotherham United (1888)

Wild Rover:
Well a little is learned every day, thats my quota for today.

The Red Baron:

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--- Quote from: \"Highland Rover\" post=217954 ---Cricketers.........Alonzo Robson Drake was one ,
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Correct- so that's Balderstone, Hemsley and Drake. There's one more. Not Joe Johnson who never appeared for the Rovers First XI.
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The final answer will be revealed tomorrow, but if anyone can come up with the name of the missing cricketer by midnight tonight, I'll buy them a pint at a forthcoming home game.

Now THERE'S an incentive!

Two more clues. This player holds an age-related record at another football club (local to Donny) and played on the opposing side to Alonzo Drake in one of his first-class cricket appearances.
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The fourth cricketer was.... Tommy Thorpe.

He was Rovers' goalkeeper during the 1904-05 season, when the club finished botttom of Division Two with a mere eight points. Thorpe played in 31 League games and was one of the better performers in a side that wasn't up to Football League standard (they'd struggled the previous season in the Midland League after being unluckily ejected from the FL at the end of the 1902-03 season.) While Rovers returned to the Midland League, Thorpe joined Barnsley and spent four seasons there before moving on to Southern League Northampton Town, where he played until 1921.

It was while he was at Northampton that he enjoyed his brief cricketing career, playing three games for Northamptonshire during the 1913 season. He seems to have been something of a make-weight, as in three games he batted low down the order (he scored 11 runs in three innings) and didn't bowl. Northants often struggled to put teams in the field and his appearances were in June, before many of the club's amateurs were available. Thorpe had the distinction of not finishing on the losing side as of his three games two were won (over Essex and Gloucestershire) and the other with Yorkshire was drawn. On the Yorkshire side was Alonzo Drake, another ex-Rover, who had played for us from 1901-1303.

Thorpe continued to play for Northampton Town after the war, featuring in their debut season in the Football League (1920-1) before returning to Barnsley (1921-2) where he becme the club's oldest player at over 40 years of age.


--- Quote from: Sprotyrover on February 04, 2012, 01:10:31 PM ---Which 19th century Author was dismayed when he discovered that a Local Doncaster Landowner had acquired all of the Bones from the dead Soldiers and horses killed at the Napoleonic battles of Leipzig, Austerlitz, and Waterloo,had them shipped to Hull in sacks where they were ground to powder in a mill and then had them ploughed into the land as fertilizer.

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This story has popped up in the Sunday times today. As archaeologists are scouring an old Orchard looking for what may be a mass grave.
However in 1822 it was reported that a firm of Doncaster 'Bone grinders' had imported a million Bushels of bone which had been ground down for fertiliser.

Bloody hell, Sproty!  And then you remembered this thread from 4 and a half years ago.....


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