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Author Topic: How do you make a U turn  (Read 395 times)

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How do you make a U turn
« on November 08, 2020, 09:30:50 am by Donnywolf »
I dont know but they are more regular now than ever
They are like buses - you wait ages for one then 2 come along at once. Even that is not a good figure of speech these days as the U turns are coming thicker and faster than that
Also 322 (think it was) Tory MP's dutifully voted against this in HOC and looked mean and devisive and didnt look to be doing the levelling up thing ONLY for Johnson to effectively U turn by coughing up 396 MILLION quid to do just that about a week later
Over to U

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Re: How do you make a U turn
« Reply #1 on November 08, 2020, 09:36:34 am by Donnywolf »
Here's the Link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-54841316

In the headline it says

Marcus Rashford: PM climbdown over free meals in school holidays

and further down it says

The move represents a significant climbdown for the government, which had argued Universal Credit was enough.
There loads more but you may be too busy to read it - and it also "vindicates" me calling it a U turn cos Johnson and others will say it is nothin of the kind


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Re: How do you make a U turn
« Reply #2 on November 08, 2020, 09:44:26 am by selby »
  Like the lady down the road, take your time and do it in twenty at a minimum movements to get in the drive, it frightens me to death.


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Re: How do you make a U turn
« Reply #3 on November 08, 2020, 10:08:03 am by redwine »
It's becoming mandatory isn't it. Said weeks ago that they'd reverse the decision. Public opinion swayed it but they can't cave in too early. It had to look measured and considered, even if it isn't.


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Re: How do you make a U turn
« Reply #4 on November 08, 2020, 10:48:14 am by BillyStubbsTears »
It takes special effort in politics to be wrong on the moral principle of a decision, and wrong on the way you manage it. And then, finally do the right thing but get no credit for it.  But somehow, this Govt has managed it on this one.

There was a similar issue around Osborne's Omnishambles Budget a few years ago. Tim Montgomery, the Tory strategist said at the time that the Tories had always had a reputation for doing the right thing economically even if it hurt[1]. He said people admired them because they were competent bas**rds. But they were in danger of becoming incompetent bas**rds. You'd have to be a specially incompetent bas**rd to manage the FSM issue as shockingly badly as Johnson has done.

[1] You'd struggle to find many economists who would agree that Tory economic policies over the years have been competent, but we are talking about public perception here.


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Re: How do you make a U turn
« Reply #5 on November 08, 2020, 12:58:34 pm by Glyn_Wigley »
I wonder if Rishi knew about the handout before Boris announced it.


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