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Author Topic: Rovers Player - common issues and fixes  (Read 7854 times)

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silent majority

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Rovers Player - common issues and fixes
« on February 08, 2017, 05:02:40 pm by silent majority »

Account expired or needs Renewing? - Please log out of your account and visit your club's home page. Click 'Be Part of the Action' > Choose Pass > Confirm Payment Method - Then where it says "Already have an account? Reactivate your subscription"  please enter your email address and password here and follow the reset of the instructions.

Forgotten your password? - You can request a password reset via the ‘Log in’ box on your PlayerHD site with your registered email address. If you can’t remember your e-mail address, please let us know and we will look to update your details. Check your junk folder for the password reset email as well.

Updating Payment Details?
- Try updating your billing address first! This can be done with or without a subscription. Login into your account. Go to My Account - Card Details - Billing Address and add your billing address for your relevant payment information.

Live Commentary issue? - Make sure you can play sound out of other websites/apps, your mute button is turned off and there are no headphones in if not using. Also try clearing your cache as well! Please be advised that we are not in control of when a club or radio station dial ins or out of the transmission, we encourage clubs and radio stations to dial in 30 minutes before kick off.

Google Chrome Plugin Issue? - Due to a recent update to Google Chrome, plug-ins no longer automatically run by default. If you are experiencing audio commentary issues with Chrome, please allow it to run all plug-in content in your browser settings. This can be done by following this link: chrome://settings/content and selecting RUN ALL PLUGIN CONTENT. You may need to scroll down to see the plug in options.

Mobile or Tablet video errors? - Please download the 'FLi Player' app from your device's relevant app store for free! Please note Windows phones are not supported unfortunately.

FLi Player App problems? - Ensure you log in with your email address and not a user name. Reset your password to one with just numbers and letters. Uninstall then reinstall to ensure you have the last version.

PlayerHD services provided by EFL Digital
Support available between 09:00-19:00 on a standard day, during match-days 1 hour after the final whistle

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donny dave

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Re: Rovers Player - common issues and fixes
« Reply #1 on July 18, 2017, 08:04:57 pm by donny dave »
Can you please update this for the new iFollow because it is rubbish.

Dagenham Rover

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Re: Rovers Player - common issues and fixes
« Reply #2 on July 18, 2017, 11:19:18 pm by Dagenham Rover »
I'm not useing it, but its interesting to see the comments that the Derby ifollow was in your face and working.................... strikes me theres a common denominator  and it doesnt appear to be the platforms giving the service

silent majority

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Re: Rovers Player - common issues and fixes
« Reply #3 on July 19, 2017, 02:47:22 pm by silent majority »
I've had contact with the club and at the moment they can offer the following. We will be trying to put a better guide together when we can understand a few of the mechanics of the system better, hopefully within the next week.

So, start here;


And then read this as well;



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