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The financial statements up to the 30th June 2015 for Patienceform Ltd (the trading name of DRFC) have been completed and were passed to the Viking Supporters Co-Operative for analysis, the results of which can be downloaded here:

The accounts demonstrate an expected change in the relationship between Patienceform and Club Doncaster. As is common knowledge, the Club Doncaster brand aims to improve and enhance the business of DRFC as a whole by generating more revenue and shared efficiencies across Doncaster’s sporting clubs. This is further demonstrated in the provision of the loan from Club Doncaster to Patienceform.
It is anticipated that the future ownership of Patienceform will move to Club Doncaster in the near future. This will tie the two together in a parent-subsidiary relationship. There are many benefits to the club of this including an increase in revenue and cashflow, vital for both business and footballing growth (in relation to salary caps etc). At this point it is anticipated that a favourable restructure of all held loans will be commenced.

Overall the financial situation of the club is in line with expectations. As ever the club relies heavily on financial backing from the owners in order to retain the key figure of going concern.
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